Game of Steem Skate: The Nollie Flip!! / SkateVlog Entry #7

Author: mark0318

Description: Good Day Everybody!!

Welcome to another #skatevlog and Game of Steemskate entry for this week! The trick selected this week is the *Nollie flip*. A fliptrick that pops from the nose of the skateboard.

Nollie flips came in really hard for me to learn. For me, I think anything nollie is basically a *switch trick*. Tried to do this trick for one hour only. I just wanted catch it and move on to my skate session. So many to do, so little time. And also, the heat today is just killing me. I am satisfied with the results today. Just happy to be still in the game. So here is my entry, hope you guys enjoy it!!

Thank you for watching my #vlog and have a great day!!


**The background music is put together by myself on the apple garage band app. I have been experimenting on some loops and drum beats on that app and it is quite enjoyable. Filmed on a GoProHero6 and GoProHero4 and I edited this #vlog myself on the iMovie app.

*P.S. I want to credit my friend Lorenz on teaching me how to correctly pop the nollie flip, I’m still sloppy at it. PEACE!!*


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