Skateboarding in Abu dhabi City!!

Author: mark0318

Description: **Good day Everyone!!**

Today I would like to share with you this video edit that I made from a year ago. I have been looking for this edit ever since I started uploading videos here on #dtube. Good enough for me, I found it on the endless folders of my laptop just last night. So right away I filmed an introduction and prepared a little thumbnail so that i may share this here.

This first area where I shot this was on the *Corniche ledge spots* when I was obsessed in learning new ledge tricks. Most of the tricks here are all learned on the same day. I just had to document it even if I needed to shoot it alone. All shots are still and the videos are in *slow motion* and that's the whole theme of the video. The other area where I shot this was on the skatepark, this was when the *little flatbar* was newly installed and I was learning a lot of new flatbar tricks.

I hope you guys enjoy this video. Looking back and watching this, I observed that my skateboard set up and my skateshoes in this video I gave it all to my friends back in the Philippines. **It was such a great year!!**.

Thank you very much for your time watching my video, I really appreciate it!

**The background music is not mine. It is a song by Kendrick Lamar titled "Love" from his album "Damn".

Filmed on a GoProHero6, iPhone7plus, and I edited this myself on the iMovie app and the Videoleap App.


*P.S. Sometimes I look back and go “whoah!! I did that!?!?” then I thought I just need an inspiration to get things going, the song was inspiring, so I was inspired to create this video before. PEACE!!*

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