Game of steem skate: Backside Bigspin! (Skatevlog entry)

Author: mark0318

Description: Good day Everybody!

This is my entry for game of steemskate week 2 backside bigspin. I have never done this trick and I tried to make it work today. The roll away was sketchy but I’ll take it because it is the first one I have ever done haha.
I went to the local skatepark today to film this attempt. It was very hot today here in Abu Dhabi with 52 degrees celcius at 7am in the morning! I was limited to 2 and a half hours today, I was supposed to go for 3 and a half hours but my body just lost to the heat.

I’ve spent all this session trying to learn this trick. I hope this is enough to count. I was not able to get a bonus challenge trick. I was so exhausted.

This is my second skate #vlog, I hope I’m getting better. I made the music in this video using the Apple garage band app. It was loops of instruments I put together, I hope you guys like it.

Filmed using a GoProHero6 and edited using Apple iMovie app.

Thanks for watching and Have a great weekend!!