Battling Frontside Lipslides / SkateVlog Entry #7.1

Author: mark0318

Description: Good day Everybody!!

Another skatevlog for you guys! This is my battle of frontside lipslide on this taller flatbar. As I have said last week on my skatevlog6.1, this was suppose to be my secondary goal after the fakie noseslides. This trick took me a lot of effort and unfortunately, I ran out of time and energy. Anyway, I will not move to another goal until I complete this trick. My mind is set to complete tricks and complain less, hahahha. So here is my vlog, hope you enjoy!!

**The background music is put together by myself on the apple garage band app. I have been experimenting on some loops and drum beats on that app and it is quite enjoyable. Filmed on a GoProHero6 and GoProHero4 and I edited this #vlog myself on the iMovie app.

Thank you very much for your time watching my skatevlog, I really appreciate it!


P.S. Sometimes when we are in the zone, we forget that we don’t have that athletic ability anymore, luckily, skateboarding has no rules and we can come back anytime we want! PEACE!!

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