Game of Steem Skate: 360 Pop Shove-it!! / SkateVlog Entry #14

Author: mark0318

Description: Good day everybody!

First of all, I would like to apologize for the flickering of lights in the video. It is night time and I have no choice but to skate inside the tunnel to have lights. Please bear with me.

The trick this week number 15 is the 360 pop shove it. I realize that today is the last day for the entries, So I went out to have my entry in. I’m gonna have to check if I am still in because I haven’t done gameofsteemskate for a long time. Haha.

I hope you enjoy this little vlog. thanks for watching!

All clips are mine, I filmed this vlog on my GoProHero6. I edited it on the Videoleap App.


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