Street skating at the corniche ledges spot!! / SkateVlog Entry #15

Author: mark0318

Description: Good day everybody!

Another day another skatevlog! Welcome to my 15th skatevlog. Today I skated with Tj on the corniche ledge spot. I haven’t skated this spot for a long time now. It has been that long and the spot have gone through changes and those changes were challenging. We could not skate the park because it was closed down temporarily for reasons I do not know why. So it will be street skating footage for me. Haha. Just kinda missed the feeling of having able to know there is a spot to skate. So here it is, my skatevlog number 15. I hope you guys enjoy it.

I put together the song on the garage band app.

I hope you enjoy this little vlog. thanks for watching!

All clips are mine, I filmed this vlog on my GoProHero6, and TJ’s GoPro7. I edited it on the Videoleap App.


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