First Nigerian Hive Community Mini Meet-up In Ilorin Nigeria || Theme- Improving Hive-Twitter Engagement.

Author: mattsanthonyit

Description: Few hours ago it was a gathering of Hivers the first time year in history of ilorin kwara State Nigeria crypto community. It was just an urgent meet up by few members of the Hive Community present in ilorin town. The Meetup lasted for 1 hour 30 minutes, but the vlog was not up to that because of the time duration. The Meetup was graced with both far and near Hivers , to start with we have 3 new Members that were Onboarded few days ago. @olaunlimited , who happened to be very interested in so many questions about cryptocurrency, Twitter engagement as well. @royalsam, a painter, farmer and also self-employed who gained assess to Hive community through a friend of mine here as well. @oladele-art, as the name implies, a dedicated artist who does his work well and also encourages more new members soon. @mattsanthonyit . The chief Host of the Meetup held on 3/7/2020.