My nature cleaning mission in the Saturday noon || 30-01-2021🌍🌏 ||

Author: mdaminulislam

Description: @cleanplanet - 30-01-2021
Hello all my nature loving friends.
Happy Saturday from Bangladesh.

Today is Saturday 30 January 2021.Today is first day of the week.I hope you're having a great day.

Friends this noon I went to the middle of village grain field.Basically I went to enjoy the beauty of the grain field.When I was walking through the grain fields.Then I saw several plastic bottles there.I think plastic bottles are harmful to our environment and nature.Then I collected those plastic bottles from the grain field.I also collected some other garbage.I collected that garbage and threw it in the dustbin.I made a video while cleaning the grain fields.I shared the video with you here.In the video you will see my grain fields cleaning mission this Saturday noon.See my nature cleaning mission in this Saturday (30-01-2021) noonπŸ–•.

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