We going to another village by bamboo bridge!

Author: mdaminulislam

Description: Friends, Yesterday me and my mother went to another village.Yesterday afternoon me and my mother went to another village.The name of that village is Dighulia.My relative live in that village.So yesterday afternoon my mother and I decided to.We will go to that relative's house.That relative's house is west of our house.Then my mother and I decided to walk.And we started walking west of our house.After going some distance there are a river.That river must be crossed.

There are a bamboo bridge over that river.Then we started to cross that bridge.My mother was a little scared while crossing the bridge.Shortly afterwards we crossed the bridge.I made a video while crossing the bridge.I shared the video with you here.Although this video has been shortened.But it was very interesting to cross the bamboo bridge.That was a amazing.So I shared some parts of that moment with you.Hope you like this video.

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