tholonic series 12 image 1

Author: mishrahsigni17

Description: Name: tholonic_12
Number of levels: 6
Line length: 60px
Color Palette: random
Angular deviation: 15deg of randomness either direction
Line length deviation: 0%
Line style: Style #1
Resolution: 3020px x 2691px
Created: 2021-04-03 15:30:01.318979 ()

This video is made from an animated GIF that is based on quaternary math and synergetic geometry as described in "Tholonia: The mechanics of existential awareness." Briefly, this image is the result of a single line that splits itself into two lines, six times. The variables are the colors, the amount of unpredictability allowed, the length and thickness of the lines, the small artifact at the end of each line, and a few other trivial details.

This animation (and many more) was specifically created to be used as a "brain hacking" tool. Simply watching it (over time, of course) will cause the brain to form new neural connections, and as a result, new perspectives of reality. The viewer will be able to observe these changes via their pattern recognition abilities, initially in the animations and later in the reality around them.

Each frame is paused for 600 milliseconds as this the amount of time it takes the brain to instantiate a concept, such as thoughts to words, intention to movement, etc. Each image is one degree apart deliberately to allow the brain the register a fixed image rather then see a continuously moving image.