Video Tutorial - Claim Your New Dtube Account and Upload a Linked Video in Less Than 5 Minutes!

Author: munezero10

Description: I'm sure most of you saw the big @dtube announcement earlier this week about the big .9 changes.

I thought it might be helpful to make a quick video tutorial showing how to both claim your new account - and upload a @dtube video from a link (youtube, vimeo etc.) in less than 5 minutes total!

Claim Your Account - Just Do it. Even if you Don't Make Video Content

Even steemians who don't make video content may want to consider jumping in to claim their account. Dtube is giving Steemians a month to claim their username, but after that point - it is fair game. This means someone could grab your username and start posting videos - which could become really confusing for your Steem followers!

Posting From A Link Takes Literally 2 Seconds

As you can clearly see in this screenshare video - I was able to upload a @steemsistershow episode to Dtube in 2 seconds flat. Once you upload a video to YouTube, Vimeo or another video sharing platform, you can simply input the link, make a couple tweaks if needed and hit publish. It automatically imported the thumbnail, title and description which was helpful.

Why have two upload options?

IPFS servers allow for a truly decentralized video experience - which is fantastic for video creators that are being censored, demonitized, deplatformed - or just people that really want that. IPFS upload times can be slow, sometimes have playback issues, and is costly to Dtube to host.

If you are a creator that doesn't really care if your video is hosted on Youtube or not - then give it a try! It will save you upload times and will save Dtube storage costs - not to mention make upload wait times shorter for those who are using the IPFS functionality.

Now the big question I had was... will the Dtube team only be curating content that was uploaded, or will they curate content that was from a link as well? After reading through the comments on their announcement post, it is clear that they are curating both and are mainly looking for original content - just as they have always done.
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