How To Properly Apply Stick Foundation with A Brush

Author: mvd

Description: Applying stick foundation with a brush is not as difficult as you might think! All it takes is a bit of blending for an even finish.

Step 1: Prepare your Face before Applying the Stick Foundation

Don’t forget to use a good moisturiser that suits your skin type and keeps your skin well-moisturised.

Then, if you prefer, use a primer. Go ahead and apply your favourite primer following the moisturiser. Don’t forget to wait between both the applications so they can be soaked into your skin.

Preparing your face well before applying the stick foundation is very important! It gives your skin a smooth and even area, which can help with blending later on.

Step 2: Properly Apply Stick Foundation with a Brush

I wouldn’t recommend applying the stick foundation directly to your face, especially if it is a bit stiff, as then it can be harder to blend. When using it directly on the face, you are creating thicker lines due to the shape of the stick foundation and the pressure, and you won’t be able to blend it properly.

Instead, use your brush to take a bit of the foundation directly from the stick; this way, you already warm up the foundation a bit and won’t have to use too much at once. This will help you evenly and easily apply the cream foundation. Don’t forget to start from the centre of your face and move outwards, using circular motions for the best finish.

Step 3: Set the Stick Foundation with Face Powder

Once you are done with applying all the cream and liquid makeup products such as the stick foundation and concealer if needed, use a bit of face powder on a small or big powder brush, and set the base so that it will stay put during the day.