How To Apply Under Eye Concealer

Author: mvd

Description: Applying concealer under the eye can mask any discoloration and make you look more awake.

This technique can also be used on bare skin.

Apply a few dots to the inner portion of your under-eye area and follow along your eye’s contour.

Rub the concealer into the skin with your finger or a brush and blend it along the nose and towards the outer corner for an even finish.

As long as you haven’t set the concealer with powder, you always can add a wee bit more wherever you feel the need; start with a little bit and build up coverage where necessary.

The right shade and finish will give you an amazing result without consuming a lot of product!

To make sure that the concealer stays in place and doesn’t crease during the day, set the concealer with a dash of face powder – less is always more!

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