How to Wear Bronzer on Bare Skin without Foundation

Author: mvd

Description: Wearing bronzer on bare skin without applying foundation or any other base product is possible and easy to do. It warms up the skin tone and leaves you looking fresh and sun-kissed.

Tools you will need:

- Moisturiser
- Bronzer
- A Face Brush

Step 1: Moisturise your face well!

After you have washed/cleansed your face, apply a good moisturiser that suits your skin type and needs.

You can use your fingers to apply your favourite moisturiser to your face using gentle circular motions.

Once your skin is well-moisturised, it becomes ready for the next step.

Step 2: Applying Bronzer on Bare Skin without Foundation

You can find different formulations of bronzers, such as liquid, cream or powder. Choose the formulation that works the best for you. If using liquid or cream, you can apply it with your fingers too.

Make sure that you find the right colour of bronzer that suits your skin tone. Some people can wear orange and bronzed/brown bronzers. One has to be careful otherwise it might look intense and unnatural if it doesn’t match the natural skin tone. You can go with something lighter and softer or cool-toned.

When using a powder bronzer, use a bigger fluffier face brush for best results.

Start applying a bit of bronzer to your cheeks. Then move towards your forehead and down the neck. Add a bit on the nose by using windscreen to circular motions for the best blend.

Don’t be too heavy-handed. Keep it light and fresh.