How to Use a Concealer After a BB Cream

Author: mvd

Description: Without a doubt, a concealer can be used after applying the BB Cream!

BB cream is great when applied very lightly all over the face. It helps even out the skin tone and give a light coverage and natural finish, but it won’t always cover up blemishes, breakouts or under-eye discoloration.

- That’s where a concealer comes in handy!

After you’ve applied the BB cream evenly using your fingers or a foundation brush, here’s what you need to do:

- Analyse your face for where it needs a bit of extra coverage
- Choose a concealer that’s the right shade for your skin tone
- If you want to brighten the under-eye area, choose a second concealer that’s one to two shades lighter than your skin tone

Using a concealer will help with several aspects:

- Covering up any blemishes, breakouts and discoloration
- Getting an even, skin-toned finish
- Adding some extra coverage where it’s needed
- Avoiding the need for a heavier foundation
- Ensuring a lightweight and natural finish

Concealer Application

Use a small amount of concealer and apply it to the areas where it’s needed, such as a few dots on the face and under the eye.

Then blend the concealer into the skin using your fingers, a brush or a damp sponge.

If needed, set the concealer and your base with face powder using a powder brush.

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