How to Properly Apply Eye Makeup on Fair Skin

Author: mvd

Description: If you want to keep it simple and safe but still look gorgeous, go with brown tones as in those you can have different undertones to complement your fair complexion and its undertones.

You can find warm-toned, neutral-toned and cool-toned browns that will match beautifully with your fair complexion and its very individual undertones.

Application of an Eye Makeup on Fair Skin:

Using only one shadow:

This medium brown-toned shadow can be matte or shimmer. It can be applied with your finger on the main lid area—from the lash line to the crease—and then use a fluffy blending eyeshadow brush to merge the boundary with your complexion to achieve the softened look.

Apply a bit of mascara and that will highlight your eyes!

Using two shadows:

First, use either a medium brown matte or shimmer shadow. This is where you could add a soft pink or orange or olive shimmer or matte shadow on the main lid area—from the lash line to the crease and then use a blending eyeshadow brush to soften the shadow.

Next, use a slightly darker brown matte or shimmer shadow in your selected undertone (warm, neutral or cool) with a denser eyeshadow brush and apply the shadow to the outer region of the lid and blend it into the previously applied shadow and a bit beyond the crease.

A slight touch of mascara will give you your desired effect!

Using three shadows:

First, repeat the steps described for using two shadows by applying the shadow suitable for the main lid area and then a darker shadow towards the outer corner.

Then apply a soft medium warm, neutral or cool-toned matte brown shadow with a blending brush through the crease and/or lower lash line to reach the outer corner of your eye.

A touch of mascara and you are ready!