How to Do Monochromatic Face Makeup

Author: mvd

Description: Creating a monochromatic makeup look doesn’t take a lot of time and is very simple to do in just a few steps.

This look basically requires you to keep your eyes, cheeks, and lips in the same color range, which can vary from light to dark.

If you want to use the same color for all three areas on your face, you can opt for pinks, plums, browns, and oranges. However, if you only want to draw focus to the eyes and lips, you can use any other color as well.

Monochromatic makeup can help save some time and make you look gorgeous all at once!

Step 1: Apply your Tinted Moisturizer, BB or CC Cream or Foundation, and Concealer

You can apply your base the way you prefer using a tinted moisturizer, BB or CC cream or foundation, and a bit of concealer. If you prefer to apply the monochromatic colors on bare skin, that’s fine too.

Step 2: The Eye Makeup

The eye makeup is very simple to apply. It requires using one or two shades of cream or powder eyeshadow. Your eyeshadows can be matte or shimmer.

Start off by applying the matte eyeshadow at the outer corner using a crease brush and blending it through the crease and mid-center of the eyelid area.

Then apply the shimmer eyeshadow from the inner corner to the mid-area with your fingers and blend these two eyeshadows together. Use an eyeshadow blending brush to diffuse the color through the crease.

The same matte and shimmer eyeshadows can also be applied to the lower lash line using a flat or pointed eyeshadow brush.

Add a bit of mascara and you’re good to go!

Step 3: The Cheeks

Depending on the color you’ve chosen and your skin tone, you can choose between a blush or a bronzer that matches you and your eye makeup.

Choose a larger face brush to apply the bronzer or a blush brush to really emphasize the cheeks.

Use circular motions for a smooth blend.

Step 4: The Lips

To complete the look, all that’s missing are the lips.

Go in simply with a tinted lip balm, a tinted gloss, and a liquid lipstick or a cream lipstick.
The choice is yours, but the color is important to achieve the look!

A monochromatic look is always a great look, and you do not lose time on choosing the colors because there is only one that you are going to stick to.

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