Pussy Riot - Straight Outta Vagina (feat. Desi Mo & Leikeli47)

Author: namelesscreature00

Description: Female power and female sexuality are yet need to be discovered. Discussed. Performed. Lived up.

Women were slaves of the world for centuries. Women’s got their right to vote less than 100 years ago. Russia (1917), US (1919), Switzerland (1971). We’re still just about to build another roles, norms, ethics for vaginas owners.

And the owner of vaginas is not some narcissistic stupid orange ape who’d claim that he could easily grab women by their pussies. The owner of vagina is a woman. Who wears her vagina as a badge of honour.

Pussy is the new dick, ladies.
Women are beyond porn and sex. Naked and nude is free

"Straight Outta Vagina" was written and performed with great love and respect by
David Andrew Sitek, Nadya Tolokonnikova, Desi Mo Bradley, Leikeli47, and Josh Werner

Produced by David Andrew Sitek


Music video is a Super Fun Production
Directed by Phillip R Lopez

Starring: Prymrr

Dancers: Sarah Prinz, Alicia Slaughter, Emily Meister, Megan Fowler-Hurst, Mackenzey Lil, Roya Carreras

Men in Black: Alex Rodriguez, Cheyne Hannegan, BJ Williams, Jack Krizmanich

Thanks yet again to Rob Healy and the Ace Hotel!


Pussy Riot is forever indebted to all of the above, for their selfless efforts in the service of this and every glorious Vagina.

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