Some Creative work of Architect. Architecture is a creative and honnerable work

Author: nevlu123

Description: Some Creative work of Architect.
Architecture is a creative and honnerable work.

For the architacctural work need deep telented persons cause it's so hard to do.For the Architacctural design need own creativity.

Interworld we can see many type of designing buildings which gifted us architect engineer using her creativity.

They are most TELENTED person without ownner of deep telent architecture DARAWING or work is not possible.

Architecture is a combination of 2D and 3D work,there are have lot of creative design work sector like interior desing exturior design.

# Two dimensions
In the 2D work they can show us just 2d drawing and some interior lay out like furniture lauout and some sections of the building.which follow contractor and work to watch the 2D drawing.

# Three dimensions
In the 3D work they can show us building elivaition like fornt,back,side,top,and how to see after complete the work.

Architecture hobby for the some people's and some people's want to work for the profession.

Architacctural work is one kind of art, for the work need complete higher study and also creative and deep telent.Architacctural work also one type of magic.

To make an architect first of all need comolete Diploma with construction and after complete Diploma an architect can work but for the ferfectlly and creative design need Complete B,H,C.

Also making a ferfect architacctural engineer he need to spend lot of year's and lot of money.

The world is so decorated and so beautiful with desing and those design make all architacctural engineers.

An architacctural engineers is so honnerable person for the world,they also earn a lot of money.

In this video you can seen world wide creative architacctural design,you can watch lot of design in short cipls.

So watch this video and i hope you all enjoy this video,have a good day to all steemians.

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