The biggest party of the ARAB Countries.

Author: nevlu123

Description: The biggest party of the ARAB Countries.

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Actually they are rich man and they arrange big party, but Interworld lot of people's is poor and hungry who give him food.

They are wast some food in the party but lot of people's don't find food for eat.

Actually We can seen human but Where is humanity? Interworld one of the most crisis is humamity crisis.

If we notice that in the world lot of rich man wasting lot of food and this wasting crisies effected lot of people's like poor.

In the world there are a dangerous virous without corona

In the year of 2019 Crores of people's effected and Millions of people's got death by this virous.

Each day thousand of people's got death by this virous. Corona is a little baby infornt of this virous.

Do you know what is the name of this virous?
The name of this virous is @"Hunger"

Each five second a baby got death and each three second two persons got death couse of hunger.Each day avarage eight thousand baby got death with hungry.

Each and everyone know what is the medicine of this hunger but few persons can realized that crisies.

Poor is the cause of hunger it's not Truth actually Main causes of hunger is waste of food, war and epidemic.That's why lot of people's got death.

We also can seem some countries and some rich people's all time eating good food and they waste lot of food as a example he need 2kg but her arrangement 5 kg that's mean he waste 3kg, same way people's wasting food and this crisies effected poor people's.

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