The fateful process and the blessed blessing - Syed Allama Imam Hayat

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Description: The fateful process and the blessed blessing
- Syed Allama Imam Hayat

People's lives with so many things. The success or failure of life, aging or mismanagement connected with many things. Some permanent and basic things that are essential and determine the ultimate outcome of life and some temporary ones which are necessary but temporarily create happiness or sadness or a combination of the two. And so there is the status and nature of fate. Permanent or ultimate good fortune or misfortune, temporary or ongoing happiness.

Understanding the truths of life, enlightening oneself with the source of truth, enlightening oneself in the light of truth, understanding the purpose and purpose of life, using life and time in a meaningful way, finding the right direction in life and having the right life partner, understanding the responsibilities of life. To attain the knowledge and abilities to achieve the goal and be free from its opposing condition. The fact that there are permanent, fundamental and essential things, etc., determines the true fate or ultimate identity and consequences of life.

Receiving the materials of life in order to live well again, the rights granted to him by the merciful Allah, His beloved Habibullah (peace be upon him); The protection of life, security of dignity and mobility, and the ability to perform the tasks of life and gain the opportunity, etc. are also essential for the development, happiness and prosperity of life.

Without the first things, life eventually becomes a devil's life, with lies, mischief, and corruption. And without the second things, life becomes seriously traumatic and painful. Loss of rights, security and dignity can result in oppression, exploitation, deprivation, even deprivation. But depending on what these things are, how to get there or why many are deprived is to be confused with confusion.

Basically the source and content of all Dojahan's fate is whether it be a gift or punishment from the Beneficent Allah alone. But this is by no means a delusion or an irregularity. It has specific and irreversible justice-based causes and regulations, fair-based procedures and infringing media. There is a root cause or intermediary of all things being created and any gifts, blessings as well as all blessings to be revealed, distributed, received, and in this Messenger, the hakiki is our beloved beloved Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa salhi wa sallam).

Because all mercy is through the Beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) and being the center of all gifts and blessings, the Holy Quran is said to be the Mercy of the All-merciful, the All-merciful, for all beings in the world. The life of this mainstream existence has been given and continues to be given, in various ways, to exist, to form and to develop, to prosper and to succeed, to suffer from misery and misfortune.

As such, the basic elements of physically living and moving on earth are given to humans from outside and inside, inside and outside the body, in and out of the earth in various ways. Light-air-water-heat-electricity-power; On the other side, various substances including land, food, plants, minerals, fire-gas are being given from the outside and from the inside, including various eye organs and the power of various organs and intellectual-consciousness.

Then, in order to realize the essence and truth of life, people can move on to the right goals by freeing them from falsehood, corruption and corruption, forming ideal and civilized societies to live and develop with rights and dignity, and from exploitation, oppression, brutality and superstition. The Prophets of Almighty Allah and the Prophets of all the Prophets, or Nabi'il Ummi, our beloved Beloved, may remain free. Alaihi wa alihi wa sallam dojahane lucky man right healthy way of life has given it.

He has given us the science and guidance to make life beautiful and comfortable, using the wisdom, energy and materials given by Allah. Throughout the world, all the resources given to the merciful God have given the people of the world a clear privilege so that the wealth can be acquired according to the rights of the people, so that the wealth can not be exploited by the wealthy individuals, groups or countries. The fate of people depends on the system which they have given to create racism and sectarianism by creating artificial distinctions such as language, region, caste-money etc.

Every man and brother of the world has given the necessary education-economic system, social order-state system for the sake of the betterment, dignity, independence and rights of all; Due to the disruption of the system, the society comes under the influence of falsehood and injustice, the destruction of civilization, the loss of human rights and the right of life. In addition to this inferiority, the devil's companions, in the name of sacred Islam, play a chieftain on the fate of the people through dynasty, monarchy, individual or party autocracy. Some people even support them, even as scholars. The merciful Allah and His beloved Prophet (peace be upon him), His Excellency the Most High Allah, the Rashidan in His Highness openly, with the martyrs of the Truth and the great Jameel Auliya Qaram, betrayed the falsehood and self-deception. . The pseudonym of truth leads people to lies; Religion is perverted,

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