This boy is So telented player, we have seen in this video some exclusive gaming style of the boy.

Author: nevlu123

Description: Billiard game is one of the most propular and Expensive game.Interworld there are lot of Expensive game Billiard game is the one of them.

### ** Hello friends i juat uploaded another video for user and all as like before.

This boy is So telented player, we have seen in this video some exclusive gaming style of the boy.

He playing this game so easily, it's looking like this game is dose not matter for him,this boy through the ball so quickly.

Actually this is extraordinary, extra knowledge,of the boy.very few persons can Achive it,i think this game is like the Caram game but this is expensive.

In the caram board there have four hole and in the billiard board six hole for put the ball.
For the caram board need sticker and for the billiard game need stick for through.

Very few person can play this billiard game and today i have seen for the first time this type of player and her play.

I think this boy is well trained and out of the trading he is really telented and some telented also god gifted i think this boy as like same.

For the god gift telented need good luck,otherwise it's not possible, although some people's try to be expert by the hard work.

This boy is like a play Magician, her each through looking like a magic,i enjoy a lot her play and also playing style.

just watch and,Hope you all enjoy this game and also you can try this type of style for yourself, so watch and enjoy,have a good day.

# Actually we know in the social media and net media we can see lot of videos but we can't reached all videos for the watching.

# Some time we miss some exclusive videos cause of the work,time,business, busy,e,t,c

# so i will upload this type of videos for the d.dtubers, i hope you all like those videos,so watch and enjoy the video.

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