Make a live fish Pond at your home or garden easily, let's see how to making live Pond of the fish.

Author: nevlu123

Description: # How To Build A Garden Pond
(DIY Project)

Make a live fish Pond at your home or garden easily, let's see how to making live Pond of the fish.

### ** Hello friends i juat uploaded another video for user and all as like before.

Actually a fish Pond make beauty of the home,although people's keeping small fish aqurieam of the mirror in the home.

In this video we can see how to make fish Pond following some step,let's see how many step need for the complete the fish Pond.

First of all you have to make a circle, (circle size depended as your choice, how big you want to make)after complete the circle you have to excavation the circle area.

After complete the first excavation you have to mark one more circle and also this one need one miter deep excavation, after totally complete the excavation work then laying a cloth and also laying a plastic top of the cloth.

After complete laying cloth and plastic, give Water in the pond and decorate the circle side area by the soil.

Then setup some stone and big small both sizes and also you can design as your way which you want.

This video is a one kind of TUTORIAL for making pond, in this video you can seen few design but if you watch this video then you can got a idea and by this idea you can make gourgious another one.

Actually this guyse are so creative and they make it totally Difarent way,i like this system it's so unique way for making live fish pond at your garden.

So why you are late let's try to make fish garden at our own garden and make beauty of our house.

Watch this video and enjoy,i hope you all choose this video,have a good day.

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