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Description: What's up Travelers, Kayse here! Today on Kayse Reacts, I'll be reacting to the Andrew Schulz comedy routine titled "Woman has a seizure at my show!

I've seen one other Andrew Schulz comedy set before, here's a link to that reaction video:

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In this woman has a seizure at my show reaction video, Andrew Schulz, a stand-up comedian, is doing a show at the Improv when a woman begins having a seizure! Luckily the woman is okay but what follows that incident is pure comedy gold! He is interrupted by a heckler shortly after beginning his improvised set but, being a professional when it comes to improv and coming up when witty comebacks on the spot, Andrew Schulz quickly shuts down that would-be heckler and makes her reevaluate her decisions. The real kicker is when it turns out that the heckler is actually a paramedic herself! Why did she not try to help?! Truly a piece of comedy gold!

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