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download and share because youtube are royal Nazi traitors to ALL free humanity who PROTECT war criminals,child rapists and murders for money.

your government wants you dead

WORLD WAR 3: The documentary

Pedophile rings by governments

NEW: Operation Northwoods - Printer & Reader friendly

ONE vaccine to kill us ALL - the COVID19 fraud EXPOSED

doublethink, mk-ultra, mindcontrol, population control, personal control, microchipping 2020

9/11 - Government Sponsored Terror Exposed - By PaCmAn

MUST SEE: Who is the NWO elite 2017? With Daniel Estulin

Why trump was elected - Mark Passio

The entire world´s FOOD and WATER supply has been turned into SOFT KILL WEAPONS
The privately owned royal / nazi military industrial complex did this by design in order to kill you

VACCINES - Exposing The Systematic Genocide Of The Entire World Population
Expose the cancer viruses, Mercury, Aluminum, deadly hormones and much more forced upon us all

From Money And Currency, To The Cashless Society With Brainchiped Population World Wide
´The Beast System´ From Book Of Revelation Is Here: Checksum For The Barcode & The Brainchip=666

The Global ´World Police Force´ / NWO Torture & Killing squads - This is everyone´s future
Expose the abuse of the privately owned global ´police force´ / killing squads go from bad to worse

The Fascist Western TV ´news´ And Mainstream Press EXPOSED
Corporate commercials, spin, lies, fascist / nazi war promotion propaganda - It´s called FAKE news


UFO Forum - About what is going on
The Elite Want Us To Fear ´An Outside Alien Threat´ (Ronald Reagan) - Real Or Not

Med venlig hilsen Jakob Lauersen fra:

AGENDA 21: Globalt diktatur på Dansk - Dokumentar

And much MUCH more . . .



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