Own A REAL Piece of Space With Mteora NFTs☄️🪐??

Author: parttimeeconon

Description: Mteora is a hot new NFT collection that allows you to own NFTs that represent real world, fractional ownership of actual meteorites from outer space. On top of that, Mteora claims that its NFTs are guaranteed to be able to stake on R-Planet. This project is just a few days old, and there isn't a lot of info out there, but in this post, I'll try and cover the most important details you need to know as well as a HUGE warning that I don't want you to ignore.  #nft #mteora #rplanet

Although I always encourage you to do your own research, it is ESPECIALLY important with this project as it is quite new and I was unable to independently verify any of the claims including ownership of the physical meteorites or the claim of a partnership with R-Planet. I am not saying the claims aren't true, just that I personally could not find the proof and wanted to remind you that you are responsible for your investing decisions.

00:00 Introduction
01:30 Own Real Meteorites?
05:25 Guaranteed R-Planet Staking?
06:10 Disclaimer