Don't Look Back .:. A missed opportunity can turn into an avoided mistake

Author: ph1102

Description: A couple of days ago I have created a [vlog]( for the #FinancialGoals2021 initiative started by @thecallmedan, and I have received tons of great comments from you guys! I can't express my appreciation for your time and effort to do that and I would like to thank everyone that responded to that video... As I have shared some of my personal goals for this year and reflected a bit in the past year(s), people have founded that interesting... And a lot of you guys had the same sentiment as me, which means that we are on the same page...

There were some great comments where people engaged with each other, and I have gone a bit deeper in one specific comment as I found myself from a couple of years in it... The person wrote about possible regret if he doesn't buy BTC at this moment... That was exactly something that I have a problem with before... I had that Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) things if I don't do something RIGHT NOW... Because... Everyone was doing it... So it has to be right, isn't like that?

Of course, we learn the most from our experiences, from our mistakes, but still, I like to share my mistakes that maybe some of you can avoid by living them "through me"... That "regret feeling" isn't just a one-way thing... You CAN regret that you didn't buy a certain asset because after that it skyrocketed... But, you can also regret it if you bought some asset and its value plummeted!

Some people remember only those "missed opportunities" when they are speaking of regretting, forgetting about others where decisions of "not doing" is where a good call... Also, it's important to say that "calling for action" doesn't mean ONLY that you take action and FOMO... It also means that you TAKE ACTION and MAKE DECISION to pass it! It sounds a bit weird, but NOT taking action is also TAKING action, as you have made a decision... and that is also an action...

My friend told me today that I have "itchy hands" and rush into things... Well, probably I am, but sometimes that rushing isn't that "dangerous", and that was my second topic of the video... I have shared a little trick that helped me to start with trading, where every trade is a "win"...

Check out the video for more details...

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