Hive Twitter Reignited | What Is Going On Now?

Author: pixiepost44

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Last night, something happened on #HIVETwitter...after some random #HIVE tweets were discovered, a bunch of us in our community started noticing that these weren't the usual tweets we all have grown to know & love....they were promoting the same hashtag, but there was one big difference...

It was a different HIVE...

No, not another #blockchain or even anything related to us at all... just a new IOS app that was supposed to be a cross between Twitter & MySpace....


But there's nothing to fret only gave our Twitter community another spark that might have been actually needed right now....we are coming back stronger than ever...

In this video, I share what my experience has been & how it should help us all, as well to many others, in the weeks to come...

Don't miss this one! ;)


Today’s Music: Who Knew - Milva

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