The Connection Between Focus & Flow | Mindful Mondays Ep 36

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Another exciting week is upon us as we head into another Mindful Monday...

It's been a busy few days at the Pixie Palace as I am gearing to launch a new project "PixiePowerGaming" as I mentioned in the past few videos. In this process, I was reminded of something very important that sometimes we aren't always conscious of...

Focus and flow are interlinked as we find our own unique energy flow that drives us in our endeavors. It's the very essence of our life force, but how we use it & hone it is a whole different discussion...

So, here I share my experience & how to focus into your flow for a better outcome & perspective...

Grab your favorite beverage & join me here! ;)


Today’s Music: Who Knew (Instrumental Version) - Milva

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