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You know how some days you just wake up & feel like a few shiny BTCs? And other days, you feel like, well, a beat up USD? Well, for me, today was a BTC kind of morning (disregard the #crypto blood bath at the moment - it always comes back up ;) )...

I was firing up my blockchain games & I noticed a few things on @risingstargame; some tweaks & I even had a few card packs I didn't realize I had. So, in this video, I opened them with you all & also offered some #pixtips for newer players....

It also allowed me to share a newer community/site Music4Life, which I definitely recommend checking out... ;) They are already getting noticed & my gut feeling tells me they are going to grow even more....

So, get that favorite beverage & join me here...I just love it when everything comes together...πŸŽΆπŸ™ŒπŸ’™πŸ§‘πŸ–€


Pixie Power Gaming is still in the works...even though it's a bit behind schedule, it will be coming soon, both on YouTube & Theta TV...stay tuned ;)


Want to try out Rising Star for yourself? Sign up HERE to check it out! ;)

So, what is YOUR goal for the week in Rising Star? Share it down below in the comments & I would love to engage with you! Who knows? There might be a small treat for you as well :)

Rising Star's Latest Post: New Cards, Reward Pool Increase & Weekly Pack Winners
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Today’s Music: Tiger Tracks - Lexica

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