How To Stop Sabotaging Yourself | Mindful Mondays Ep 33

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As I was working on my daily tasks today to start off my week, I happened to see a fantastic blog post by @jacoalberts, [talking about making the most of what you got.]( It really resonated for me &, in my opinion, it's something *everyone* needs to read...

It was a really good reminder for me as this very topic has been very prevalent in my life lately. A lot of us struggle at times in the path of bettering ourselves & achieving our desired goals...while this is a natural thing (& usually short-lived), it can be a pretty deep rabbit hole to get out of...

Then, an amazing chat with my bestie really got to me think of how we can truly get ourselves of that limiting mindset & make it a little easier to continue on the right path...

Then, Mindful Monday Ep 33 was born! :) Here is some life advice that can help you figure out how to steer through the difficulties & subtly shift your perspective to see what is truly important...

Check it out here! Thanks for watching & feel free to comment below!

Until the next time... ;)


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