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You know that old saying "If I didn't have bad luck, I would have no luck at all"? Yeahh, well, this video is living proof of that being present in my life...

Taken from a few recent videos from Pixie Dust Gaming, it shows some events that occurred when I was battling it out in the @splinterlands world...

As mighty as I have become in dealing with Monsters of all shapes & forms, the force Technology was the real rival here. And no amount of mightiness could have seen it coming. Little did I know, it was sneaking its attack on me when I least expected it!

See here for more & enjoy the lovely wrath of the Pixie! Psst...I know it was the Unicorn that did it, just saying...

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DISCLAIMER: Bad language IS uttered & my usual insanity is very present….you were warned! ;)

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