The Truth About The Neighbors | Pix Vlogs Ep 41

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Even though I am a very positive & upbeat person, sometimes I just need to rant. But it's not about today's world events or even the major issues we are all dealing with in 2021... no, in fact, this time my love goes to...

My upstairs neighbors...yes, you read that right! We have all had a similar problem at one time or another, having to deal other people's lack of respect for other people's peace & can even make yours truly do a #PixieStomp....

In this 2-part video, I went back to my old roots of vlogging & shared interesting developments about what is going on at the Pixie Palace & the usual makes me go so insane I actually make a commercial!!

But, don't take my word for it...check out the video for more!

P/S I hope this, at least, gives you a chuckle & encourages YOU to be your silly self. Embrace your Inner Child! ;)


Today’s Music: Me And My Army - Middle And End

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