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This week, we are back for some epic battling on the @splinterlands field as well as several dice pack openings; even an untamed booster pack as well.....

As if that weren't enough, there are some updates in the beginning about an awesome new project @liotes as well as the sparks of a new beginning for #pixiepowergaming ... so much to do & so little time... ;)

If you want to skip the updates/intro, you can skip to 3:35 & jump into the openings as well as all the other @splinterlands goodness...

Let me know how you're all doing in your battling & stay tuned for future drawings as well coming soon... :)


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DISCLAIMER: Bad language IS uttered & my usual insanity is very present….you were warned! ;)

Not a player yet? Click here to see Splinterlands & give it a try. Let me know how you like it!

Today’s Music:

Final Phaze (my theme song) - Jerry Lacey
This Is A Trip - Donell Mase

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