Finding Balance In Motivation | Mindful Mondays Ep 32

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Motivation is a huge buzz word we hear or read about all the time. It's in everything we see, experience or even talk about in our own lives... it's the fire that keeps us going to move forward in our path & become the best version of ourselves....

But what happens when we aren't "feeling" it some days? We can't seem to get ourselves moving to DO anything, regardless of what we try. Maybe we had the best of intentions at the start of the day & then it quickly turned into one of just wanting to "Netflix & Chill" ....

Relax, we all have had those days ... it happens to all of us. As we become more aware of the world & of ourselves, listening to our bodies is even more important as we try to find the balance in motivation...

In this vlog, I share my perspective on this as well as a few pointers that will help you think of this highly used word in a different light...

You won't want to miss this!

Until the next time... ;)


Today’s Music: Who Knew (Instrumental) - Milva

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