The Wall Street Effect | Taking Our Power Back In Decentralization

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If you have been following me for awhile, or are in my close circle, you may have noticed I haven't been as active on the #HIVE blockchain as in the past...partly it's due to my passion for stock market trading taking a front seat once again....& boy, what a time to return!

Today, for example, was a wild ride with some big stocks demonstrating their volatility at levels we haven't witnessed before as well as some tricks broker platforms, such as Robinhood & TDAmeritrade,have pulled to limit traders to a crippling effect...

As I saw Twitter light up with so much emotion & information at rapid speed today, it really drove home for me how this is truly an amazing time for cryptocurrency & decentralization....more & more people are "waking up" to how truly important this is for both the present & our future...

In this video, I ramble a little bit about this as well as share my thoughts on what's going on & the "Wall Street Effect"....

Thank you for watching & feel free to comment below. Let's start a discussion! How do YOU feel about what's going on & how is it impacting your life?


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