Why I don't celebrate Mother's Day || Daily Vlog

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Hey everyone, Hope you are having a good day ...

**Please don't feel offended but this is my personal opinion.**

I don't celebrate mother's day, yes you are reading right, I don't celebrate it through it's trending and many people all over the world celebrate this day. I personally feel I don't need a specific day to show my mother my love but I respect everyone who celebrates this day. Yes, this day reminds everyone to respect our mother and what contributions, sacrifices she has done for us.

I lost my mother 10 years ago and every single day I miss her, I respect her words, I genuinely respect her contribution for us but

**I feel I don't need a specific day to show my mother respect and love that I care for her....**

By the way, Mother's Day already passed and like usual, I am late to upload this video. :P

Thanks for watching everyone :)

Stay at home, stay safe...

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