"BEREG" - A must see place in Kharkov, Ukraine | A spot for perfect Weekend

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If you missed my previous vlog, you can check it out [here...](https://peakd.com/hive-196037/@priyanarc/country-complex-bereg-kharkov-oblast-ukraine-oror-zagorodnyj-kompleks-bereg-harkovskaya-oblast-ukraina-part-1)

> *"Bereg" is a beautiful summer country complex, on the other hand, it is known as a resort as well to spend spring and summer weekends. It is a popular resort among native people as well. The complex is located near Lozovenka River and completely suburban area. This is the best place for a BBQ party. They have wooden cottages which anyone can take rent for a day. Also, there are some specific locations for outdoor activities and gazebo's to enjoy the beauty of the river.*

We did a lot of fun there, did a BBQ party and enjoyed the beautiful sunset near the river. I was sitting near the river and enjoyed the calmness while eating delicious BBQ. It was the weekend so a lot of people were there and everyone was having a great time there. There was music as well as natural beauty, so it was a nice weekend for me

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