The most Romantic Square of Kharkov City - A must see place in Kharkiv

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There are many locations in Kharkiv that are worthy to explore and "Strilka square" is one of them which is located at the confluence of two Kharkiv rivers called "Lopan and Kharkiv River". History says that the beginning of Kharkiv city started from here and it flourished from this location. Over the Kharkiv river, there is a suspension bridge called "Lover's Bridge", Newlywed couples come here, take wedding pictures and leave their lock as a symbol of new life and family in the hope of a bright future. Another name of the Bridge is "Rybachy" but people call it Lover's Bridge. Probably because of the beauty and strong bond of the two prominent rivers of Kharkiv, People belief that this location will strengthen their bond and create a long-term relationship.

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