Stripping out the Seats and Interior Panels: Audi 2.7 Bi-Turbo. Ep15.

Author: projectsupercar

Description: With the donor car now in the garage with the rear hatch removed, I can get to work carefully removing the seats and interior panels. I need to start mapping out the wiring loom so I need to see where the cabling runs within the car.

Plus I want to take a look at the seat belts and see if they can be used in my DIY Supercar.

The engine from this donor car and other parts, are for my homemade Supercar. Although I have an interest in kit cars, including Lamborghini replicas, Ferrari replicas, McLaren P1 Replicas and other self-made kit car of other marques, like Porsche, Ford GT40 and the AC Cobra, I have always wanted to build my own unique brand, which I call the Cerberus VMR6.

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