Designing the Gear change and Handbrake for my DIY Supercar: Prototype Ep13

Author: projectsupercar

Description: I’m using the parts from an old Audi V6 estate to build my own Supercar, and I have moved the front wheel drive gearbox from the Audi, to the back in my car.

So this means I had to design my own gear change mechanism. In this episode we cover the details on how I built it, and talk about the fun of a manual shifter vs an automatic or paddle shifter.

Although I have an interest in kit cars, including Lamborghini replicas, Ferrari replicas, McLaren P1 Replicas and other self-made kit car of other marques, like Porsche, ford GT40 and the AC Cobra, I have always wanted to build my own unique brand, which I call the Cerberus VMR6.

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Video footage:

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