Stripping the Wiring Loom and Alternator Headache: Audi 2.7 Bi-Turbo. Ep13.

Author: projectsupercar

Description: Before I can put this Twin Turbo V6 in my DIY Supercar, it has to be removed from this donor car, but before that can happen, I have to disconnect all the connectors and wiring loom.

This should be a nice simple job, shouldn’t it?

The engine from this donor car and other parts, are for my homemade Supercar. Although I have an interest in kit cars, including Lamborghini replicas, Ferrari replicas, McLaren P1 Replicas and other self-made kit car of other marques, like Porsche, Ford GT40 and the AC Cobra, I have always wanted to build my own unique brand, which I call the Cerberus VMR6.

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