Marcos GT

Author: projectsupercar

Description: A quick look round a Marcos GT, taking approximately 60 seconds or so.

The car was first introduced as the Marcos 1800 in 1964, with a wooden chassis and a Volvo P1800 engine, with most of the cars sold in kit form.

It was produced from 1964 to 1972 and then revived in 1981 to 1990 and then being further developed into the Mantula.

Engine choices ranged from a 1.5 to 1.65 litre Ford, Volvo 1.8, 2.0L Ford V4, 2.5 Triumph straight six, and 3.0 litre Volvo and Ford straight six. The Ford V6 version could achieve just over 120mph.

If you are the owner, or even if you know anything about this car, please feel free to drop a comment and offer up some details. I’d love to know more about it.


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