FIIDO D3 Electric Foldable Bike Aluminum Frame Beach Ebike 14 Inch Fat Wheel 7.8Ah Battery

Author: prototype011

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1. The car's built-in battery design has a simple body and beautiful lines.
2. Three electric riding modes: pure electric, riding, and electric assist
3. Switch between electric and power-assisted mode and auto-sensing. When turning the accelerator, it is automatically in electric mode. Without the accelerator, pedaling is the electric power-assisted mode.
4. The vehicle weighs only 16.5KG, which can be lifted more easily with one hand
5. Even if the vehicle is only 16.5 kg, the maximum battery capacity can be configured to 10.5Ah
6. The body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is light and does not rust
7. Using brushless toothed motor, lower power consumption, endurance is 20% stronger than normal brushless toothless motor, and more starting torque
8. D3 is equipped with a 52-tooth large chainring and a 12-tooth rear flywheel. It is also equipped with an electric-assisted three-speed transmission, which is comfortable for riding and adapts to different road conditions.
9. Front and rear double disc brakes for more stable and effective braking
10. Electric assist speed (may be biased due to rider weight and environment, road conditions):