The Week in Review: BTC and Ether: $400,000 and $25,000; Coinbase IPO; DOGE soars by 80% in one day

Author: qdefidtube01

Description: This week is full of news and events, starting with Coinbase going public and ending with the unexpected growth of the DOGE coin. Traders surprise us with December 2021 options for Bitcoin and Ether of up to $400,000 and $25,000, respectively. And finally, MicroStrategy remunerations payments are now made in Bitcoin.

Watch the video to learn about these and other news items you don’t want to miss.

👉 Traders open December 2021 options for Bitcoin and Ether, with prizes of $400,000 and $25,000, respectively
👉 What are crypto options?
👉 Coinbase goes public. Shares opened at $381 on Wednesday - higher than its pre-listing reference price of $250
👉 MicroStrategy will pay remuneration to its board of directors in Bitcoin
👉 Satoshi Nakamoto’s wealth reaches $61 billion, making him one of the top-20 richest people on Earth
👉 DOGE soars 80% in one day to become the 10th largest crypto by market cap

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