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Author: qdefidtube01

Description: Vlad is conducting a comprehensive review of the BurgerSwap platform describing how to stake BURGER coins and participate in the platform’s voting process.🧐🧐

BurgerSwap is the first Uniswap-like application launching on Binance Smart Chain.

👉Registering on the platform and connecting your wallet
👉Adding liquidity to the platform
👉Transactions related to the wallet
👉Getting coins on the Binance exchange
👉Selling USDT to BNB
👉Withdrawal of BNB to the wallet
Swapping USDT for BNB, providing a 50/50 liquidity
👉Confirming the swap
👉Adding liquidity to USDT, approving the USDT smart contract
👉Supplying BNB tokens
👉Staking BURGER coins
👉Participating in the voting process on the platform

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