Get Fit for Success Day 1 of 90- Day Challenge All round Fitness

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Description: Hey guys and welcome to my video series "Get Fit for Success Challenge"
90 videos from start to finish.
Confined space workouts
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I use a Yoga Mat most of the time and they are very beneficial especially in tight areas of working out.
10mm size is often the right choice provides mobility and comfort
If you like to buy one, here is one in Australia.
This one is for you if your in the US
If your in EU you can use this link
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Give yourself a strong head start
Fill your body with the right foods
I eat Keto based diet. High Fat, No "processed carbs"
I make comments and help you to find the right form to be able to exercise.
The fitness regime involves plenty of cross training in close confined and limited spaces and gears.
This series of videos is non confronting. You go at your own pace.
As long as your moving, it really is a great start.
There is no glamour

There is really only strong work ethics.

There is really only a 2 things you need to bring.
1. Commit Everyday, show up and do the work out.
2. Have a sustainable diet that's right for you.
Get off the processed foods filled with carbs and sugars.
We don't eliminate carbs we transfer them to more sustainable items that are really amazing for you.

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