Welcome to Oldham - Where The Police Have Failed and Protect Politicians That Should be in Jail

Author: recusantnine01

Description: Recusant Nine Emergency Transmission | 2020 | Tuesday | 21:03:2021

I have received a chilling message that shows the front door to my home with the term 'keeping watch'. This photograph is belief it or not the Twitter profile image and bio text of the account RUSTY WHEELS. This account holder has in the past had direct communication with multiple LABOUR PARTY POLITICIANS and their associates.

My friend Debbie Barratt-Cole has already had to flee for her life after receiving threats of kidnap and rape. Even though she desperately went to Greater Manchester Police for help, D.I KENNY BLAIN failed to protect her. Instead he wrote to her where he described himself as 'the gatekeeper'.

DI KENNY BLAIN has also written to me and refused to question either NIEL WILBY or EUAN STEWART. Both have repeatedly claimed that I am a Police nark/roof/informant. In his communication with me, DI KENNY BLAIN attempts to evade what is universally accepted as the definition of these terms and refuses to investigate. Instead of interviewing these malicious bloggers what they mean when using these terms (as if there is any doubt) DI KENNY BLAIN hypothesises ridiculous alternatives as his REFUSAL to investigate a claim that has placed my life at risk.

I fear that the cover up instigated by DI KENNY BLAIN, who has single handedly blocked the investigation of multiple crimes, has further emboldened criminals to harass and intimidate me and the consequence is that someone will be killed.

I will NOT retreat. I will NOT flee. I will defend myself. I will defend my home. I will defend my family. I will do this with every means available to me. And should someone be killed, my testimony is that it is a consequence of the cover up and corruption at Greater Manchester Police and in particular the 'gatekeeper' DI KENNY BLAIN.

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them


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