Marching forward with NEW Hopes || But still adoption will take time but is POSSIBLE....

Author: rehan12

Description: So we are on the verge of creating history in the Blockchain Technology. Community coming forward and marching towards decentralization. The migration might take some time for many of us. As the powerdown will take time and our assets are out in Steem Blockchain as SP and other staked state. But it is for certain moving to HIVE will be something great for us all who favors decentralization in the Blockchain.

While some of facts really needs to be taken care of:
* Listing of The tokens in exchanges (That will be taken care of I guess)
* Publicity (Well we are going in the right direction)
* Right implementation (We shall see once HIVE goes LIVE)
* Many Dapps(steem) are still going to watch the Hive Blockchain for some days

So overall, I am very much excited about Hive and lets see what really awaits for us all.