Misunderstanding & Misleading is probably coming to an End....

Author: rehan12

Description: Hello Steem users
I guess you are already aware what is really happening with our Steem Blockchain. While as of now probably things will start to cool down. Becuase truth is spreading out to the world because of your action (Steem users Twitter actions). Thanks to everyone who is really making it happen.

While Huobi has started powerdown. A welcoming initiative from them, even though they were misinformed about the tron acquisition given by J.Sun. Finally they have probably found out what is really happening and publicly made a statement in Twitter.

The Tweet really proves it.

The actions of Steem users and Witnesses rallying on twitter have really made an impact.



If you have anything against the above witnesses, then set it aside for the time being and vote for them for now, let's save the Steem Chain and act together for the sake of us all.
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